Why You Need A Truck Accident Attorney

truck-accident-attorneyAccidents involving large commercial trucks in Miami and throughout South Florida occur fairly commonly. The victims of these accidents can be severely injured, even killed as a result. Are you or a loved one negatively affected by a truck accident? Consult with the experienced Miami truck accident lawyers from Gamba Herrera Trial Lawyers to discuss your legal rights.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, over 500,000 truck accidents take place each year. This results in approximately 5,000 fatalities. In fact, 12 percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States result from trucking accidents. Additionally, 98 percent of these fatalities involving tractor-trailer trucks result in the death of the driver or passengers in the other vehicle as opposed to the truck driver.

What is The Difference Between Truck Accidents and Car Accidents?

There is a vast difference between accidents involving commercial vehicles and those involving basic automobiles owned by a consumer. Interstate trucking and auto transport is an essential component of commerce and the U.S. economy. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations governs the industry. Due to the complexities and nuances of these federal regulations, cases involving these accidents require an experienced truck accident attorney familiar with the business information and practices, insurance requirements, in addition to safety and training regulations applicable to the trucking industry.

What Happens After a Trucking Accident?

Trucking companies and their insurers typically spring into action after a catastrophic truck wreck. They immediately contact defense lawyers. These attorneys turn to claims investigators to go to the accident scene seeking any favorable evidence demonstrating that the professional driver is not at fault. They search trucking logs of the driver’s schedule to ascertain whether they received enough rest, as well as other mitigating circumstances such as the presence of controlled substances and alcohol. The insurer then contacts the victim and their family to persuade them into thinking they do not need an attorney. This involves offering a settlement.

Knowing Who is Responsible is Essential

truck-accident-attorneyIn the meantime, a great deal of evidence demonstrative of a trucking company’s or driver’s fault can be lost. This happens when a victim doesn’t exercise their rights to an attorney acting on their behalf to uncover or preserve vital evidence.

The major trucking companies like Leon Trucking now utilize onboard computers and satellite communication systems. These systems can generate massive amounts of information that is beneficial to a victim’s case. Most modern semi-trucks include engine control module (ECM) boxes that gather and store important information regarding vehicle movements and operations. This data is often purged from computers within a few weeks of being gathered. Trucking companies can additionally modify the information before a court order is issued. This is extremely detrimental to a case as this information can disappear before it is shared with the victim or their attorney.

Our Attorneys Fight For You

The victims of trucking accidents and their families shouldn’t let trucking company representatives or their insurers guide them. While many of these companies and their drivers operate in compliance with necessary regulations and safety requirements, there is a significant number of operators who skirt the law, sacrificing safety in search of greater profit margins. The most common problems involve driver fatigue, not performing total inspections, inadequate training, overloaded trucks, improper maintenance, faulty brakes, driving in dangerous road conditions, driver inexperience, speeding, aggressive or illegal driving, drugs, and alcohols, as well as improper safety equipment on the trucks.

The attorneys at Gamba Herrera Trial Lawyers represent victims of truck accident cases in Miami, Broward, and all over South Florida. You can search the yellow pages and find many trucking companies who adhere to proper trucking industry standards. However, several companies post truck driving jobs secretly not requiring updated training or licensing. When this scenario occurs and results in an unfortunate accident or fatality, this is a negligent action.

We defend client rights all over the South Florida area. These individuals suffer as a result of the negligent behaviors of others. Our attorneys boast the experience and education necessary to achieve a positive outcome in South Florida court.

For more information on how Truck Accident Attorney, Gamba Herrera Trial Lawyers, can assist your truck accident case, contact us today. We want to help make you whole again through compensation in the form of money, and justice. Our attorneys strive to hold those responsible, liable in a court of law.