Negligent Security Attorney

Many residents and visitors of Miami are injured in an assault or attack as a result of negligent security each and every year. Several of these attacks take place in parking lots of retail establishments, office buildings, nightclubs, apartment complexes, hotels and on college campuses. A negligent security attorney from the law offices of Gamba Herrera Trial Lawyers has the experience and expertise to properly assist victims and their families in the relentless pursuit of justice in cases of this nature.

Property owners are required by law to provide for the safety and security of any customers, visitors, or guests attending the location. If an owner fails to meet these stipulations due to inadequate lighting, broken locks, or inept security guards and an incident occurs, then the owner may be liable, and charged with negligent security under premises liability law.

When someone has been the victim of a criminal assault in Florida, a negligent security lawyer will investigate the situation and determine whether the owner of the property provided adequate security, as well as if they have been negligent. A common law principle is that there is no duty to protect against harm caused by a criminal act of a third party; however, the exception to the rule is that it is one’s duty to take reasonable measures where a criminal act can be foreseen.

If you are injured at a place of business, parking garage, or on a college campus and feel that it was due to security negligence by the proprietor, then those owners should be held accountable and responsible for their actions, or rather lack thereof.

Businesses Must be Safe For Thier Guests

Though some assaults and attacks can be prevented through the use of acceptable and prudent safety standards, many attacks are unpreventable. While proper security staffing, adequate lighting, and the use of video cameras can all exponentially increase the safety of the patrons of retail establishments, there is no absolute prediction of whether or not a crime will occur. In addition, a business that regularly performs criminal background checks on new employees to identify previous instances of assault, greatly decrease the chance of injuries to patrons and guests. However, in a great deal of cases, businesses cut corners to save on their overhead, only to endanger the patrons who provide for their livelihood.

Where Can Negligent Security Occur?</h2?

Our attorneys have experience handling cases involving all manners of negligent security including those involving:

  • Banks and ATM kiosks
  • Theme parks
  • College campuses and dorm rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Sport stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Nightclubs
  • Condominium high-rises
  • Apartment complexes
  • Parking lots

Experienced Lawyers

Our Miami negligent security litigators are available for free and confidential consultations for anyone who has been impacted as a result of the negligence of a business owner. We aggressively pursue financial remuneration injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the loss of ability to earn future wages. Please contact Gamba Herrera Trial Lawyers today.